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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week End Update

Neo would like to mention that he is the handsome father to all these lovely Boer goat kids, AND that there are more to come. Cleopatra is pregnant for sure, and today she looked like some serious body changes were happening. Naturally she had no interest in having her picture taken, and all my attempts were not worthy of publishing. Andouille is still enjoying mother's milk but I realize that he is getting closer to three months old. That means - weaning- Oh NO!

VIDEO BELOW: Here he is this morning, nursing heartily. He's half as big as his mother soon.

Aidan is not far behind either, but I hope we can wait to do a few of the kids all at once. The crying can be miserable. This week-end, Zola's ten day old boys have been fence training. Then, this afternoon, they got to join the rest of the nursery herd for a couple groups of visitors. They blended right in and are almost as big as the month old twin does. Tomorrow we'll try and get them all out together. That will get us down to three herds and by next week-end, the goal is to unite them with the other does. That should have us ready for some organized rotational grazing as the spring growth and warmer weather starts.


Lois Evensen said...

Cute video again. It appears Andouille wasn't so happy when Mom wandered away. His final look at the camera was probably accompanied by him saying, "So? What are you looking at?" :) Cute kid.

Deere Driver said...

What you don't see is the milk spraying on his face as he is being such a pig. Practically chokes from eating so fast!

I'm sure Twee, his nanny, will be pleased when the nursing ends, but till then, Twee is a great mom.