“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Looks. Lasting Memories.

This has been a difficult past couple of months.
Budding blueberry bushes
Mostly because it has been difficult to have to say goodbye to so many friends and to the farm that we have grown with - and helped grow - for the past ten years.
As we continued to the last days as if we would be there forever,
Can you see the egg?
...the hens continued to entertain us with their antics like hiding eggs in silly places.
The cats got along with the hens;
the dog got along with the cats;
and with the chickens;
but the cats couldn't get along with themselves
(Look in the background)!
I think it was my neighbor Karen who said that if we weren't On the Pond Farm, we would be named Harmony Farm, because everyone gets along - usually!

It some ways, I am glad the weather became cold and the skies dismal, so that it was no pleasure to venture outdoors.
But the last few days of our stay at the farm brought the blue skies, the warm breezes and dry air that would drag anyone outdoors.
The days became gorgeous.
Moments to cherish.
And then the tears came really close many times.
A barn swallow takes over the blue bird house.
I took my camera out in the fields again, as I had been, but not sharing because I didn't know how to end our stay at this beautiful place. 
Our last Sunday breakfast
Hill of bluets
It all came together beautifully on its own.
Here are the last glances and happy wanderings for me at On the Pond Farm.
The farm's reputation and pride and joy has been the Boer goats. I would love to take them with me, but the last four girls stay with the farm to carry on the herd with the new owners.

Blue gill came to visit in full force
The striped bass were the biggest I've seen in the pond this spring
Blue, green and barn in the middle. My favorite combination.

Jock has his last run of the farm. He is joining us in the move to Connecticut.

 Our final farm memory in Ligonier, taken by the new owner Kris, as we lingered one last time.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Bridge Is Completed (I'll Let Another Blogger Toot My Horn!)

Last Saturday a lovely crowd came to the ribbon cutting for the Ligonier Valley Trail Bridge over Mill Creek.
I have worked for most of my years in Ligonier on this project, and days before we were scheduled to move, the folks involved made sure we could have the ribbon cutting before I left.
Me, Sharon Detar, Ligonier Township Recreation Board President, and Bob Gangewere, VP, toasting the opening of the bridge
Karen Sistek, my neighbor, with me after the celebration.

Here is a posting on Ligonier Living that has the Pittsburgh Tribune Review article included.