“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Body of Water - II

This doesn't even look like water today. Its been bitterly cold again, and just like that the pond is flat and hard. I tried to get similar angles from the windy day. No matter where I go, the pond looks utterly flat. Like a piece of paper. There is no dimension, and the snow, that is almost little ice balls, makes it look dead and dull. I can't recall the landscape looking more lifeless. I think we're looking at an indoor day. Its got to be more cheerful there!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Body of Water

Today went from white out to sun, with heavy winds all day. This was one of the breaks of sun and color. Much of the day was overcast or cloudy, making everything more black and white.
The snow is drifting and filling in the ridges of landscape, exaggerating the textures.

The wind made deep waves on the pond, making it feel and look like a much larger body of water.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dark Days Challenge

Through my newest follower (Welcome Irani!), I checked out a few new blogs, and one that got my interest was amysflock. Particularly, the box in her right column that says quite boldly, DARK DAYS CHALLENGE. I had to look.
That will take you to (not so) Urban Hennery where you can read more about it. We are a bit late in the project, but it is a good idea to take a look at and think about, if you haven't already.
Interestingly, I FINALLY finished reading Barbara Kingsolvers's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last week, and it has LOTS of help in how to deal with the Dark Days (Click on the title and you will see the web site where you can get the recipes and more.). It could also be a book I enjoyed the most in the past year, murder mysteries notwithstanding! I see its one of Amy's favorite books too.

We are back to snow and nasty wind chills, but we have a break of sun right now. Its a relief to see.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Just In Time...

...for the next snowstorm.I was hearing all kinds of machinery noise this afternoon, and finally looked outside to see what was going on. Well, there was a three truck crew of tree trimmers cutting a fresh load of goat food. Right there, across the street.
I had to get my gloves and keys, and popped on over to see the guys about my fresh and local evergreen branches.Some of these branches were the size of some of the trees we brought home in past weeks, but weren't a month old. ( You can see the trucks in the background.)The goats went nuts for the new, fresh supply. So much so, I went over in the rain, and got another load. Thanks Asplundh Guys!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday In Five Movements

Sunday Walk
There's nothing like a morning walk on a dreary day to make things better. Already, you are out and about, regardless of temperature, or gray sky. Instead of being inside looking out with a furrowed brow, you are out surveying the landscape, and exercising the body and unclogging the mind.Sunday BreakfastFresh egg and two cheese omelet with......beans and toast. You've gotta try it. My Brit and Aussie pals know.

Sunday Outside ProjectThis post was done holding the gate and the corner of Jake's fence.The Blue and Gray Repair Team came out for the job with all tools firing. With teamwork, the job was done in half the time. Jock watched the tools in the open truck. Can't be too careful.Good supervision is always important.

Sunday Inside Project
(Inside the barn anyway). In anticipation of kids coming next month, another gate was improved for the "maternity ward".

Sunday NapSo damp and yukky, even the cats had to snuggle.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Tree Recycling - Part Two

Today was a nice day to take the truck out and gather a couple of Christmas trees from my friend Sharon. The kids are digging into their tree with great gusto.While we were over there, we got to introduce the dogs. That went well.
I see a dog walk in our future - finally!

Then we took a long leash walk with Jock around Laurel Mountain Borough.

When we got home we gave each of the herds their own tree. Although it looks green on the fields since the snow is gone, remember its still January, and the ground is pretty frozen. Not much is growing, and what's there won't last long. The trees are a nice treat to keep everyone busy and civilized. Our buddy Sam dropped one off earlier this week, so I think we will save that one for the next snow storm.The remnants of the last tree are in the foreground. They're still nibbling at it though. We have plate cleaners here!

For Part One on this fun topic, see: Recycling Christmas Trees - Goat Style


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taste of Grass

This field hasn't had an animal on it for a couple of months. Since we had a nice, sunny, breezy day, I wanted to get the goats onto some clean grass, even if there wasn't much of it. They appreciated it. Quite content.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shirley and Sassy

This is why I'm glad I didn't get a trade for Cash for Clunkers. Goat transport. You don't fret too much when your goat pees three times (at least), and poops once, as you are going down the road, driving a ten year old car. I just hope the smell is gone tomorrow.Today I picked up Trinity from her arranged marriage and honeymoon at my goat mentor, Shirley's place. I also got another lesson from Shirley. Today it was goat tattooing. I wish I had more hands to take pictures, but I was attempting to learn fast, so I could go solo on the next one. Trinity's brother needs his done also. Each ear has a set of letters and numbers to identify the farm of origin, and the birth year (X =2008) of the animal. I also got a few new kid pictures for those looking for their goat fix. I hope this is a preview for next month.
This lovely face belongs to Sassy. I took a liking to Sassy. She was actually quite mellow, considering...
...what the rest of her looks like.
Sassy had triplets last year, and Shirley thinks they are expecting triplets again, any time now. Sassy is quite impressively wide.
This is Red Heart. If you remember, he is Trinity's mate. We now mark the calendar and wait to see what the two of them come up with. I like his personality as well as his look. A friendly guy.
Red Heart gazing fondly as Trinity is leaving.
All the kids in these pictures are only 24 hours to a week old. They are small for such a short time.
And they grow up so quickly.
Eating hay already!

Four New Countries and Relearning Geography

After a bit of a slow spell, in one week we have gotten four new countries to visit the farm:
Montenegro(meaning "Black Mountain" in Montenegrin);Algeria; andVenezuela.

This has caused me to visit these countries online. I admit to not knowing where Montenegro and Senegal were. I'm not sure if these two countries were named as they are today, with the same borders, when my Dad made me memorize all the countries and capitals as an elementary school girl.

Below are more of the sites I looked at:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steal Hay While the Ice Melts

Well, not exactly. In the past month, we have had cold weather and lots of snow.
Hence, no browse or even "gut fill" for the animals to get to, and with the cold, they need that much more energy to just keep warm. Its all been under snow. More snow then they can reasonably paw down to. Also, on the cold, windy days, staying in the shelter was the most reasonable thing to do. So we have gone through a lot more hay than anticipated by this date, and we had to get another truck load before it gets cold again.
The day had been filled with practical chores like giving the goats CDT inoculations, and trying to figure out a new ailment just discovered. Yet to be resolved. This is a work in progress.