“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More On Our Extended Goat Family

I was north of town today and got done early with my errand. Since I knew that today was Ariel's due date, I thought I'd stop and see if anything was happening.
It had already happened!
Tracy is holding the newest doeling born very early this morning.
Ariel is obviously being an attentive mom, and her kid is already moving around in and out of the barn opening to check things out.
Her "paint" markings are wonderful, and she is nice and tall.
This is three week old Snickers.
Looks just like her mom Abi with those ears.
  Belle is looking on at her playmate and now she will have another kid to tussle with. 
All tired after her photo session, its time for a nap, while attentive Ariel coos her and watches closely.
The others head out to get some sun and a snack before night time.
By the way - the due date is calculated 150 days or five months from the breeding date.
Ariel was right on time.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

And Doeling Makes Four

Abi had her first kid at her new home ten days ago, and I finally stopped to get a few photos of her new doeling. Belle is looking on from behind.
Doesn't she look big? I think she was only four days old in this photo and I am amazed at how tall and active she is. 
Now we have to wait until month's end to find our what Ariel(left) will have. Fingers crossed for twins.
Doesn't the barn look better with a little one in front of it?!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Delicious Summer Day

After all the storms, tornadoes, floods, locusts.
Okay - I'm getting carried away.
But today is a lovely, dry, blue skied, perfect day.
The goats are rotating into new field, and the chewing is loud.
Speckles is rounding out, as is her udder.  We don't have a due date, so it will be a surprise, but I think soon. She is looks very healthy, and I have no worries about her kidding in the field.

Julia and I took the goats out and then admired Adeline and her buckling that Julia named Bruno.
We got my camera out and both worked on our photography. That is one of the categories Julia may enter at the Westmoreland Fair this summer.
At least you get to see the farmer once in a while!
Bruno has filled out and put on the pounds, and does a great job keeping up with the herd as a two week old.
Isn't he handsome?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hand Feeding Hens Or How to Get Fat Chickens

We were talking about Science Fair experiments this week-end. I have decided that an interesting experiment would be to see how long a chicken will eat before it pops or stops eating.  These chickens do not ever stop looking for food to eat. At least goats stop to chew cud and nap. I think chickens only stop when the sun goes down and its lights out.

Here they are getting my father-in-law's dinner leftovers from the night before.  We bring home the so called doggie bags for everyone but the dog.

Monday, June 4, 2012


We've had quite a few kids here in the past six years, but this little guy is the most oral kid since day one. He is from a fine line of food dominant goats, but he really is into eating already.
The video is from day two, and already he is putting everything in his mouth.
He's just trying to eat everything, standing or in a bowl.
He's put on a bit of weight and if he keeps it up, he'll really fill in that wide chest of his.
Meanwhile, Adeline doesn't look like she kidded in the past week, but for her udder. Some gals have all the luck getting their girlish figures back. She's in great shape.
Looks like she will be in good shape for the fair at this pace.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tornado Follow Up

Last evening I stopped by the newest goat farm to see how everyone was faring. The place was a beehive of activity.
(That is not a short construction worker. That is a young boy who came to help.)
My photographs do not even give a glimmer of the devastation. It is nature at its most ferocious, and yet, knowing everyone is safe, quite amazing. What I couldn't appreciate was although the walls are still standing, the insides of the house blew out. Mementos and memories lost.
Barn before:
After: Notice the tree by the barn? 
And the other tree in the foreground from before? Gone! As are many more.
The tornado passed through on this side of the barn, pulling up some of the roof and shearing the trees, but for the most part, leaving the building intact. Sadly the house was not so lucky.
 Apparently I don't need to feel terribly guilty worrying about the goats. When the fire department arrived, one of the first questions was, "Are the goaties okay?" Yes!
And no babies yet!

When I was driving home yesterday I passed this area where the tornado had crossed and blew out an area of trees.
I wasn't able to slow down and focus on the video, but I think you can see how it looks like there was a huge explosion.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tornado Hits Our Goat Family

Remember this beautiful sight a few weeks ago when I visited Ariel, Abi and Belle at their new farm? 
Well, of all the houses that received major damage from the tornado in Ligonier yesterday, it is the family that has this farm.

Read about their ordeal here:

Through the goat grapevine I got the news last night after Allison saw their home on the 10pm news broadcast. I turned on the telly just at 11pm to see that everyone was safe, but their restored historical home was without a roof, and their SUV now had two roofs. 

After an email to offer help was returned, Steve said the goats were out grazing afterwards like nothing had happened.  Meanwhile I hope their two young boys can carry on the same way after time passes.  They are counting on the goats to be a distraction. We are so glad to see everyone safe.