“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kids and Kids (Again)

Julia with one of the new does

 Twins Adam and Grant with Angus and Anakin.
 As the fence training continues, high tensile fence was added to their education. 
At the end of the day, everyone was inside the fence and not too many squawks.
It was a fantastic day, hitting 60 F in the afternoon.With the wind, that turned to more of a breeze, it will go a long way to drying some of the mud we've been sliding in.
The little ones are enjoying the outdoors, but soon will join their older playmates in the electric fences.
 For now Squeak and pals can relax with a snooze in the sun.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Barn Time

This week's two sets of twins are still spending their day in the barn, especially since the weather has been all over the place. One moment the sun is out. The next, its raining sideways.  Tonight we went out to bring the goats in, and by the time we closed the doors and settled everyone down, the ground was coated with snow.
Layla with her twin does. A day and a half old.
Trinity with her bucklings, Pip and Squeak
After everyone goes out in the morning, the indoor kids get to roam around with their moms while I muck.
Here is a VIDEO from this morning.

This is how the five older kids came in last night.
Mud balls!
Below is what it looks like with four nannies and their nine kids at their feeding bowls, nursing and playing at dinner time.
Jocks flash light eyes just fascinate me!
After we are all done playing, the kids do what they do best...
 - snuggle.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pip and Squeak -Trinity's Boys

Pip and Squeak
I hate to give these little kids names they get bullied with in school, but they are so small and yet so boisterous.  But they still sound like newborns. They have such little voices, and Pip barely makes any noise at all, he just dances sideways.  They are the funniest little things we have, and we have nine kids under a month old right now. Yesterday's newborns are louder and bigger already.
These two are such perfect little things.
They play hard.
And they sleep hard - right where they collapsed in the hay bale.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Layla Did It!

And we're up two more girls this afternoon. 
Is that a smile on Layla's face? 
I don't blame her. We've both been hanging around the barn the past two days, waiting to see what that wide belly was going to produce.  I gave up and ran some errands this afternoon. When I came home, I wasn't sure what I was hearing on the monitor. The two day old little bucklings still have squeaky voices, so I though they were just up and about.  I went to the barn to get ready to bring everyone in and as I got in the barn, I heard the LOUD voices of our latest set of twins.  They were on their feet, and oh! - so dirty.
I scampered back to the house and made my "neighborly" phone calls. Then I ran a jug of hot water and found a tub to give these little ones a rinse off. With the extra hands of Karen and Allison, we quickly got them rinsed, dried, and their cords trimmed and dabbed with antiseptic.
These two should be easy to distinguish as their head colorings are quite different.
We got Layla's family in their private quarters and everyone came over to see and share.  In another day or two, things will get a bit more rough when food is getting stolen, but for now, all is well.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Boys!

This was Trinity this morning, four days late, but with a full udder. I spied on her all day, sure that she would go, but all for naught.
This is her mother Layla, who if you remember, went to SCS Farm to be bred to Remington. I didn't have a due date for her, but it sure looks like she's been ready for a while.
So who had two more boys today?
 Here's Trinity at about 8:30PM cleaning her first buckling.
 Here he is two hours later and a bit fluffed up.
 And his younger brother by about fifteen minutes.
Here is the VIDEO of the second buckling being born.
WARNING! Its a bit bloody if that gets to you.
Initially, Trinity was very worried about every noise the boys made, and seemed too nervous to nurse, so I milked a syringe full off and got her to relax.  I gave the milk to the little guys and that was it.  They wanted more of that good stuff!
After getting both to nurse and letting me do a little clean up of the placenta, Trinity just dropped on her knees to rest.
She almost squashed one of the little guys, but he was able to get himself out of the way, and I assisted too.
Lots of fresh bedding and its time for bed.
Sleep tight!

Busy Week

 The first half of the week was white and cold. 
 We were using up a lot of power keeping water from freezing in the barn and out.
 The twins are big and hardy, so they have been out every day now.
 My favorite part of the farm.
 Jock enjoyed a walk with Dave in his favorite type of condition. Cold.
 Kids Brooke and Lillian on a school day off with kids Angus and Anakin
 Finally a warmer day to get the triplets out with the twins, and they loved it.
 The snow is completely gone and the mud is back big time. Will it ever dry up?
 This is job training. Now eat the tree.
 And as always, all the animals do their best to get along, share toys, and even food.
The biggest and the smallest manage to live peacefully together.
Wish they rest of the world could learn from them, don't you?