“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunflowers, Upward Bound

The swallowtails have found the sunflowers,
now that they are really opening up.
They are getting taller and heavier. Mom is five foot one if she stands up tall. These flowers are passing ten feet. They are such fun to see all day from the house and yard. They pretty much top everything.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Circle of Life

It was a fun kids and visitors day, although we had a bit of an unfortunate "surprise" early on. My Canton, CT friend Juliann, who also relocated to SW Pennsylvania, came today with her son and youngest daughter, as well as her sister and her youngest daughter. I had many hands to put to work, and I did!

First the girls fed the hens and gathered eggs, and put them in a basket to take home. Then it was the real work, especially in this ongoing humidity. The girls led the yearlings to their paddock and gave them their morning smattering of grain, and then got to pet them a bit. Apparently they were to interested in watching and not enough scratching,......so Saba had to get the adults to participate in some petting. Guenevere learned to feed and run if she wanted to keep all of her ruffles.
She looks like she's having fun!On the lower left of the picture, Zola is trying to taste Lillian's hair. Oliver dragged the hose and topped off the water, saving me some back and forth. Then we took a steamy walk to the pond.
Nice shirt Juliann!

And what of the surprise? Well, you may have figured that out from the title. When we went back for the goats in the second stall, only two of the kids came out, so I went looking for Zuri. She had been dragging for a couple of days, but I thought we were over the hump yesterday. No. She was dead in the corner of the stall.

Well, with two little girls and my grown up guests waiting, I was at a loss of what to do. Traumatize these kids for life or what? But every one's curiosity, and my momentary speechlessness, moved the situation along. I finally spoke the words carefully, and the youngsters took a quick look, and we moved on with our day.

With a couple more goats to the vet today, lets hope the pattern doesn't repeat itself too quickly.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Joe-Pye Weed and Swallowtail Butterfly

Add ImageOne of the new flowers I was introduced to in our move to Western Pennsylvania is Joe-Pye Weed. What a name! Joe Pye is alleged to have been a Native American healer who used the plant to treat typhoid fever.
It grows around our pond and in our fields like a weed, but really its a wildflower. It gets quite tall and is very attractive to butterflies, as you can see. The swallowtails are quite abundant right now.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Space Ship House, West of Denver

Also known as the Sleeper House. Yep Woody Allen fans - that Sleeper.
This morning I finally broke down and searched "space ship house denver", and there were a few articles, a couple of which I'll tag for you here.
Check out the photos here: Home of the Week: Sleeper House
And see the more complete story here: I heard there's a futuristic house somewhere in Denver that kind of looks like an egg.?
"Sitting high on a ridge above Genesee Park is a structure that has been compared to a space ship, a clamshell, or an electric razor. Traveling west from Denver on I-70, motorists on I-70 are greeted by a truly enigmatic piece of architecture. Sitting high on a ridge above Genesee Park is a structure that has been compared to a space ship, a clamshell, or an electric razor. The egg shaped main body of the house sits on a tower like a mushroom on a stem, with full length windows looking out over Denver and the plains to the east, and Bald Mountain and the Front Range across the canyon to the north. "As we left Golden our first morning in Colorado, and headed up to Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bill's Grave site, this space ship appeared on the hill. We couldn't get close, and didn't have time to try, but you could see that this was a neat place. Now that I see that it was also part of Sleeper, I'll have to watch that movie again.

Just in case you are in the neighborhood on I-70 west of Denver, look left.
Edited from earlier when I insisted that this was north of Denver.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Meanwhile, back at the farm... The volunteers are taking over the vegetable garden, along with the weeds.
I did not plant these sunflowers.

A head fell into the ground,
got tilled in several times,

and lo and behold, ten foot flowers.

This picture is not to show my sweaty head, and comment on the heat and humidity, but to try and give some perspective to the size of these buggers.

Last year when I planted them, they hardly reached half this size by Fall. These are not only more vigorous, but I think they have "personality". The bees are enjoying them also.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Detour By Red Cliff, Colorado

Still on Rt. 24, just after the modern "ghost town" at Notch Mountain,...
...there was a construction area at the bridge over Red Cliff.
Instead of waiting to continue on Rt. 24, I took the quite breathtaking detour around the cliff that names the town.

There I found this quite unique chalet.

As I made a few turns, and turn arounds, I found myself along this stream.
There were the aspens, ...

and vivid orange lichen (I think - Mr. Hertzler would know!),
all found in this one out of the way spot.

The road less traveled was a treasure.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway

If you are near Vail and have a day to drive, take Route 24 to Leadville.

There is fantastic scenery, and true history to see along the way.

What remains of Camp Hale are the foundations below.

Visualize these four in a row or see the video below.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catch Up and Keep Up


I still have so many Colorado pictures to share, and pictures I haven't taken at home (Still that pocket problem. I like gym shorts in the summer). I'm afraid I'm getting further behind in everything.

Here's a little catch up from our first day ride from Denver to Poania, along some designated Scenic Routes on Rts. 91, 82 and 133. Lunch in Leadville.Hurry so I can use the solar potties.Independence, outside of Aspen. Ghost interpreter anyone?

Truth is, we came home a day early from our vacation because Mom had a bit of a fall. We are trying to nurse her along and get her moving again. Having been through a similar problem myself just six weeks ago, I know things take time, and it works better with rest and help.

Once again, I ask your patience as my blogs are here and there, and not always on time.Here is today's picture of Mia from the mudroom door. If only I could sleep like this!