“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chewing Cud

Today was a relaxing day for the nannies, except for when the kids were using them as trampolines.VIDEO OF SABA'S TWINS PLAYING ON HER

We had expanded the electronet fence this morning, so there was more space to start with. Then the ground dried up and there was a good place to lay and enjoy the sun and temps in the 50's - without wind.Saba's twins were disbudded, and Aidan was banded (castrated) in the afternoon. Then they all got to be with mama for a great big afternoon nap to sleep it all off. All six kids - quiet - in one place. Serene!
(You can see the other gals enjoying the sun in the background)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thoughts of New Zealand

I have gone back to this photo in amazement for days. I have to post it here. It just boggles my mind. The force of nature and how susceptible we all are to its strength. If a quiver in the earth's bowels can bend a rail track so easily in one place, and then leave the rest of it as if nothing happened - well, I just don't know what to say.
It just looks like a heart beat on an EKG. In a heart beat so much can change. I think of the people who were along this quake and how violent it must have been. I pray for the people who are putting their lives back together. It make me think about life and how quickly it can change for any one of us.

Frantic hunt as NZ quake leaves 400 dead or missing

A rail line buckled by the shifting earth is pictured in Christchurch. Hundreds of rescuers swarmed over twisted and smoking buildings in a frantic search for survivors after New Zealand's catastrophic earthquake left nearly 400 dead or missing.

(AFP/Marty Melville)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Playing With Food

Another indoor recess day for the goats with kids. The littlest ones can now leap into this barrel and trash the hay, so we will have to stick with the hay racks to keep the food off the ground. Its so much fun to watch their antics though.The flooding was terrible this morning. It was tough getting the other adults to step in water to cross to the fields. I was truly afraid to loose the little ones in the streams that form in the alley.
The water seems to be receding this evening.
The mud is horrendous though.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tap Dancing Kids

Saba's twin does are twelve days old and really getting to be fun.
Last night's video upload crashed twice. A little clip for today.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well It IS February

Yep! Another good snow storm Monday made Jock a happy boy.
What it meant to me is a long slog in heavy snow... ...to get to the tractor, to plow out the lane.

The wind worked the snow everywhere. Even inside the barn.
The good thing about plowing early is that the sun quickly worked its magic to melt the rest.
The goat kids also had to adjust to the snow in their new field.
Spring is really coming though.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Windy Weekend

Do you know what's wrong in this picture? See the sleds on the shed.
They are upside down.
For the second day in a row this shed had been flipped backwards.
For the second day we are lucky that no animals were hurt.
The winds have been brutal for a good part of the week.
The back barn door has taken some abuse too.Zola took it in stride, and just lay on the sunny side, where ever it is.
Isn't she getting wide? She is due in early March.We had many guests Saturday, and they came dressed for the cold.
We aren't hugging these kids because they're cute.
Its because they are warm.
This is the family that has Ella and Ginger(Tisa), Vinegar's twins from last year.
They are such goat pros now.
The last of the Christmas trees was being stuffed with hay to keep it from blowing across the field. The kids are digging in to get it, and I think they like the wind break.
Really, we are only hugging the kids for warmth.
They are little and cute too.
Talking about the goats now!

This morning I was heading to the house for breakfast in the substantially colder weather, when I stopped and put the fresh eggs down to take this video.

The kids practically make me dizzy, running every which way like this!
If this doesn't make you smile...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Fence training started today as anticipated, although the weather is not as lovely as we all had dreamed of. But warmer it was, just with a bit of the wind and clouds to keep us humble - and dreaming. The last of the Christmas trees provided browse, and a place to put the hay to keep it from blowing away. Play time was lots of fun outside - except for those fences.
Soon the kids were staying nearer to Mom, and maybe getting it.Starting with the littlest ones, the activity and the electric shocks tired them all out. Nothing like your sister to make it all go away.

After taking a break for lunch, I came back out to check on things. I looked everywhere and one of the four day old twins was gone.
Her sister was fast asleep on the box.
Could she be under it? Since the fence was on, I first walked the perimeter of the area and couldn't find her anywhere. Could she crawl under the pallet?
Now I was looking to see if a large bird was devouring her on the hill.
Saba was starting to panic too as she realized she only had one baby.I finally ran into the barn, flipped the fence switch, and jumped in with the goats.
That's when I finally got the right angle of the tree. She had found a place out of the wind to get cozy and was not happy with my tugging her out. However, Saba and I were quite relieved.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time To Get Out The Fences

(This is a day late coming out. You Tube was doing maintenance when I tried to load the video.)
Tonight we moved an electronet fence near the barn with the purpose of getting the kids in the fields soon. That requires fence training so that in the long run, no goat gets seriously hurt.That requires some cringing on my part and shocked kids till they learn. Sometimes they even learn from each other because their yelps scare everyone around them into running to Mom! After seeing how Saba's two from Saturday are doing so well, we decided to get all six out there tomorrow. The temperatures should be in the low 50's F and a lot of the snow should be gone. As the newest twins will tell you, there is still plenty of snow to go though.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I know.
What's not to love in these day and a half old kids. Ask their mother. She spent their sleeping time with her head completely submerged in the barrel with them.
Do you see the one little behind?Saba was not a quiet personality before these kids came along, but she is amazingly calm and maternal now. I can barely get a picture of her twins without her in it. Who can blame her for loving these girls.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Hand Me Down

Now that the first group of kids are a month old and we have newer kids, the warming barrels are passed down to the smaller ones. Saba was very worried that her girls were out of reach, so this afternoon she slept with her head in it for part of the time. She repeatedly snorted at them to express her dissatisfaction with their being so independent so soon.Meanwhile, the big three that had lost the barrel, slept in the exact spot where the barrel used to be.
They are creatures of habit.