“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Other "Job"

This tree is strangely special to me lately,... ...because its sits at the beginning of the first portion of our trail to be surfaced. It almost got cut down in May, because it looked as dead as the junk piled underneath it. It looked like this just a few weeks ago, ......until a group of volunteers came in and cleaned it up so that excavation can begin.
The guys with the chain saws were just itching to go, but we decided to wait and see.
Now it will be a resting place for walkers and bikers on a hot day, or a place to hide from the rain.I am the volunteer project manager working on the trail, and it has been keeping me busy as of late.
Naturally, I administer their blog too, so I invite you to see what our community is working toward.
The trail will be on a rail bed that was sold in the 1950's, and our township acquired an easement to build a Rails to Trails project.
You can still see the coal ash and the raised area from the tracks. Already people are enjoying the cleaned out area, and soon, we will have a gravel bed for bikes and walkers to enjoy.
I'll get back to the farm soon.
The natives are missing seeing themselves here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Scrambled Eggs and Herbs

My herbs are coming in, and some are already seeding.
Its hot, and its peak egg season.
Time for some quick recipes taking advantage of fresh from the farm, or garden, items.

I hate to do much cooking while I'm living in air conditioning (finally turned it on yesterday!), so I look for meals that require little or no cooking.
I follow Bitten, which is now Diner's Journal, on my side bar, and this showed up two days ago.

Soft Scrambled Eggs, Infused With Herbs

The photo reminded me of my mother's soft scrambles. The word "infused" sounded magical for some odd reason. So I started to read.

The first line read: I had the good luck to be at an herb garden this weekend. I read on.

There are two recipes. One takes five minutes,. The other 40. Both are scrumptious sounding, and when it cools, I will try the longer recipe. Five minutes over the stove is max for now!

Breakfast for dinner? I'm inspired.

Enjoy...and stay cool!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Arbor Complete - With Garden

Thanks for all the work, Kristin, Andrew and Dave.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Browsing On The Hill

This morning we had a good soaking rain. Good for the garden after a couple of hot days.I think the cats were caught far in the field, because they both showed up with wet fur. Not their favorite condition, as you can see by the annoyed look from Snickers.
While it rains, I thought I'd update you on the browsing on the hill.
Do you remember this scene two weeks ago?
Lush and thick. Full of variety.
Here is pretty much the same spot.
You can see the ground, and although it might look green in spots, there's not a lot left.
As the growth is getting thinner...
...the goats are depending on team work to reach the higher branches.
Not easy to do on the hill.
I must say, Pants looks a bit embarrassed to have Aziza standing on him.
Here you can see the crisp fence line area on Saturday, as the nannies and kids were introduced to the left side of the hill.
The yearling side is on its last days, but for the roses and a few tall brambles.
After two days, the left side is already thinning out.
Those big girls can really clear. And they do it happily!

The sun is coming back out. Time to work!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My dad, Wasyl, and I.
Perhaps this is where it all started.Our summer holiday in Germany 1960 at my aunt and uncle's farm in the Bodensee area.
Still a favorite place to be - if only it were closer.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Aww Shucks!

I just got the NICEST note today, from the family that now have Ella and Ginger (Tisa).
It made me so happy to know everyone was pleased and getting along.The kids have three sibling, human kids to play with.
They are so lucky!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dry Up Already!

We continue to have more of this "August" weather ( I know - you Texas types are suffering much more). Its been regular rain storms, and wet air that has you dripping ten minutes after a shower.
Sixteen days into June, which is usually my favorite weather month (dry and moderate temps- HA!), and we've had two good, dry, working days. In the morning the grass stays wet for hours. Even the cats are getting cranky. What starts as grooming turns into... Well - a cat fight. Snickers then needs to cool off - she has quite a quick temper. So a drink in the barn is called for. I hope the payback is coming in dry, August weather. Time will tell.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shots,Tags, and Weaning

Today was a bit of an ugly one here. After separating Ella and Tisa from their Mom at night this past week, today they did not get to join Vinegar at all.
The carrying on all day gave them laryngitis. Then it was past due for the April kids' CDT shots, so that got checked off the list. All the kids then needed to visit Mom for a bit of comfort, but not before watching the other two get their shot.
Zuri and Zahra nursed away their pain. Then the older twins needed to get tagged to leave the farm.
These are the required scrapie tags.While they were yelling, might as well give them one more thing to yell about, but the pain was quick, and they are all set to move to their new home.
Ella and Tisa have one more day to get all grown up.


I think Tisa is too mad to talk!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pea Soup

Today is what I would call a good soup day. Too miserable to do anything outside, and a great day to turn on the stove and cook.But also, I don't know who came up with the saying, this morning the visibility was almost nil at times. It was like pea soup. I believe that saying derives from my English upbringing.

Pea soup
, or a pea souper is thick fog, especially a yellowish smog caused by the burning of soft coal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pea_soup_fog

As a matter of fact, as the fog and clouds came rolling up the field, I though it was smoke. It moved with such speed. I struggled into shoes, and shuffled out into the rain to see what was burning. Luckily it was nothing. Just the clouds making it over the hill. In the picture above there is a deer in the middle left. See it?We have had a lot of rain in the past day, and it continues tonight. The stream is way up and quite muddy. Tomorrow it will be worse. I'm sure there will be flooding problems around. Hopefully not for long.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Out of the Fog

I'm talking about my drug fog. I've found another drug I can't tolerate. Pretty much ruined my week-end, but I came too with the sun, as it arrived, following a very windy, rainy couple of days.

As it was Sunday, and a good turnover day for the fields, we moved a couple fences, and the one shed for the nannies and gang. Fortunately, this I could help with on the tractor.The yearlings, above, were coaxed onto the hill above the house and below the pond. Its a tough place to mow, and if there is a reason for goats, this area is it. Two weeks ago, the Pallet Palace was rebuilt on the hill. As you can see, the growth went wild in those two weeks. Notice, if you can, the green fence posts on the left and upper corner, going up the hill.
Also, all that greenery is not grass. There are a few large roses (the one takes up the top of the photo), raspberry brambles, and many varieties of weeds and grasses that will fatten these yearlings some more.
And the hill is great climbing for them.
Lets see how this area looks in two weeks.