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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

Bingo, one of Twee's triplets born January 9.
 Its time for the kids to look their best to be chosen to compete in this year's agricultural fairs.
4-H participants have been emailing and calling and the visits have begun. They are looking for stocky, square kids that they hope will make good weight gains. 
They also look for a goat that already keeps his tail up and head high.
Britches has grown fast from his February 22 birth
A natural stance doesn't hurt at all.
And attitude!
 Belle, the triplet doeling, may be sold for future breeding purposes.
 Ariel is ready to breed and actually was exposed to Alex, but we need a little more time to see if she is bred. We will keep her Reserve Champion twin Adeline to show again. She also may be bred already.
 Abi is a favorite of mine and has really matured as a yearling.
Here she is behind her twin Ali, who was the 4-H Blue ribbon winner at Westmoreland Fair last August.

I expect most of these goats will find new homes this year as the summer goes on.  We started kidding with 14 goats and had 12 kids - so far. We still are waiting for Saba. We like to reduce our herd by winter for barn purposes, and for our sanity. Going into the winter with a dozen goats would be ideal, but by next year, the count will be up again!


Beverly said...

Love your goats...they are adorable!!

Deere Driver said...

Beverly -
Love your goats AND your blog! I'm a regular viewer.

Linda Myers said...

They are so cute!