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Monday, July 16, 2012

Derry Fair 2012 - 4-H Goats

 Recognize these two buff boys?
How about now?
 And here at days old with their triplet sister on the left.
Yes! Its the former Bingo and Boris, now winners Geo and Cash, at the Derry Ag Fair with their 4-H owners Elizabeth and John Clark.
I am so impressed with how these goats look!
 Elizabeth and "Cash" won first in showmanship.
No wonder why. 
Enthusiasm alone!
 We still can't agree who looks better in the hat.
 Tough call.
And why are small dogs in the goat pens?
I had to wonder.
Then I moved to take another photo and realized that these are 4 month old Angora goats. 
I think I have a new love!


Dawn said...

UGH Angoras! Go ahead and buy a few, I'm learning to shear and could use a road trip!

Those boys look awesome. Good for you for producing such wonderful stock.

Kittie Howard said...

Congrats to the kids! I'm an ole 4-H-er and could imagine their excitement. But you provided the basics so big applause for you!

I'm smitten with those Angora. Googled them. OMG, mohair! I paid a fortune for a swath of mohair in South Africa, then backed it to use as a throw on the sofa. Learned that Texas is the largest producer in the States. Hmm, if those gorgeous goats can survive the scrub there, they'd be in heaven at your place. Hmmm . . . maybe you could give it a try.