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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Goats On Pasture

I know that the goats on pasture is nothing new here, but after the ten dismal days of Sandy, it felt new.
Smiling Speckles
This past week, their personalities are starting to show through again with their cozying and curiosity, when I spend time in the field with them.
Post Sandy gloom and rain had them hunkered in the sheds way too much, and hay was becoming a larger staple in the evening meal.
Brianna at six months old
Now with the newest rotation, they would likely burst with more hay.
As a matter of fact, I had one close call on Election Day with a bit of bloat, but a couple hours of attention with baking soda "shots"(oral), and the crisis passed.
I think Vinegar, here in the background of her first daughter Twee, got into something the third day they were in the corral. She came into the barn looking five months pregnant(that's full term for those new here), but luckily was not foaming at the mouth. After that day, the girls ended their corral clean up.
 VIDEO of the goats at breakfast
Today I took a walk in the lower field, partly to inspect the fences, and partly to get the girls to the far end of the field.
When all else fails, I am the leader and they easily follow. They'd still be by the barn, had I not led them today. Its an important job, being the Herd Queen!
And here they have two acres of pasture, but four of them have to try and eat from the same square foot.  Herd mentality.

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Linda Myers said...

For some reason I'm surprised there's no snow on the ground yet.

That's because we're well into our dark, rainy season, so I assumed everyone else is into their winter as well.