“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hartford Connecticut's Bushnell Park Carousel and Elizabeth Park, West Hartford

After the rains of Hurricane Arthur, yesterday involved more of the activities that the Fourth of July normally would have included: outdoor fun, and hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Kristin and Jake were here for the holiday week-end while their kitchen was getting painted and prepared for new appliances and renovations.
For a little entertainment we stopped at the local elementary school playground to stretch our legs and test the swings.
Next we drove into a fairly quiet Hartford, CT to see the 100 year old Bushnell Park Carousel.
It is a wonderfully maintained work of art, and for one mere dollar, you can have a long, fast, dizzying ride on these precious antiques. The horses were a bit wild, so Jake chose a chariot.
This carousel, as well as many others, is repaired with the help of the artists and craftsmen at the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT, also a wonderful place to visit.

Lastly we drove over the border into West Hartford to 116 year old Elizabeth Park to see the famous Rose Gardens.
From the cool shade of the Gazebo
Welcome banner created from grey santolina.

 My only disappointment was that we didn't see any brides, as it was a Saturday. 
As you can imagine, it is a popular stop for bridal parties for photographs.
Another salute to our flag. 
I hope you are enjoying the park offerings in your community.

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