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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goat Food/New Vet and good parasite results

Goat Food - The Hill - A week- make that six days later.
Let the picture speak for what the goats can do.
Today I took five Styrofoam cups with five fecal samples, straight from the shoot and one urine sample hard won from Zola, to the new vet that was recommended by goat and cat people. Would have liked another urine sample from Vinegar, but after she held it for an hour, with me practically torturing and tickling her to go, I gave up. The day wasn't getting any younger.
The only goat with any parasite problems was Twee. Hookworms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hookworm
That it is Twee, the littlest one and the one who grazes as much as she browses sort of makes sense. She is the one that will paw the ground for food. Brought home her syringe to be given subcutaneously later, when I have an extra hand to hold her head.
So after a year, the pasturing and rotating is working out pretty well.

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