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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Township Challenge

The story below has gotten my attention and I hope we can gather some momentum here.

I called Tim Komar and offered another $100 toward the reward and apparently so has another Ligonier resident. I think a $1000 reward will have this sign stealing taken more seriously.

We are considering having the first person's tip leading to a conviction earning $500 and then a sliding scale after that. It will prompt people to call sooner than later.

If we care about the safety in this town, I think we need to show it.

Any better ideas on this??

'Ligonier Township supervisors are offering a $100 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who has vandalized or stolen street and traffic-control signs within the roughly 100-square-mile municipality.

"Somebody's got to have a whole basement full of these things. Every one is around $51, and we've put up some of them three or four times," Supervisor Tim Komar said at a supervisors meeting Tuesday. He estimated as many as two dozen signs go missing each year.
Aside from the obvious nuisance that defacing or removing such signs creates and taxpayers' dollars used to replace stolen signage, there are potentially greater consequences, said Supervisor Keith Whipkey.

"If one of those stop signs is missing, that could be a fatality," Whipkey said.
In addition, missing street and road signs could lead to confusion for emergency responders, Komar noted.
Anyone offering information to help police make an arrest also must be willing to testify against the suspect or suspects at a preliminary hearing, said township Solicitor Judith K. Ciszek. The reward will be issued when a conviction has been won, Komar said.'

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