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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Wrap Up

I got behind on my posts, so I want to catch up on Fall news before the snow flies.
Did I say that? Mowing is underway, and the place is getting ready for winter. Some of the grasses will remain standing for winter browsing. Its that time of year and Neo has been dating a few of the girls.
When he's not with them, he manages to be a bit of a pain, and twice I arrived at the barn in the morning to find him with the chickens.
Both times he managed to break through his gate that forms the back wall of his stall. The second time he lifted the gate off its hinges.
That's not easy folks!
We've made a few modifications. I had a special guest stay a few days. My high school best friend, and maid of honor, Terry, spent a relaxing few days of walks and touring around the area. We also had a few small feasts from the garden and Delallo's grocery store in Jeanette.
I can't wait to do it again. Jake finally found a new home, and we are all so glad its with Sam and his family.
Sam was Jake's farrier - and a Penn State fan - so all's good!
Sam also has two 4-H riders that will give Jake a few more years of activity. We managed to get to the Forbes State Forest and take a hike in the Laurel Mountains before all the leaves were down. Beam Rocks Trail is about as flat a trail as you can find, and my knee had no complaints about the brisk walk.
It felt good to be out and moving, and Jock appreciated the new smells and the many pats he got along the way. The weather turned from shorts and tank tops, to long pants and long sleeves, it seemed, overnight.
The afternoons can still warm up, but I've unpacked the turtlenecks, so I'm ready for the frosty mornings and cool nights.Tomorrow, my Fall flowers.


Feral Female said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!

Southwest Arkie said...

That Neo is a wily, (but wise) character!