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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chickens and Awards

Speaking for the coop, I'd like to apologize to the Boss and the cats. The dog too.Here we are, lucky enough to be very, VERY, free range hens, able to pick through the garden, lawn, barn, and compost pile, for whatever our little hearts and tummies desire.
All the Boss ever asks is to keep off the kitchen path with our poop and such. Well, we broke the rules.
First it was that nice bowl of water on the kitchen step for Pekoe, which he shares with the barn cats, and the dog just hogs sometimes. Sometimes its just so far to go to the barn, and there's been no dirty puddles to speak of. The convenience was too tempting.
We thought no one would notice, but when all seven of us got to drinking and talking, we dried up the whole bowl.
They noticed.
Ahh! That nice afternoon sun, and those warm bricks to nap by.
No wonder Pekoe is always lying around here.
Then when we forgot to go back to the barn to you-know-what,
they really noticed!. Well, just look at the mess! Its an embarrassment.
A person can't even walk in the door without stepping in you-know-what.
You'd think we were raised in a b...a...r...n.
Ooops! Maybe that's the problem.
Of course, once we found the water, it didn't help that food started to fall from the sky. The boss was really, really proud of this big ole' sunflower, so she made it into a Fall decoration. Well, now its gone because we made a mess, and she stopped filling the water dish too.
Party's over. The only thing that kept us from being soup is this nice person Roxie, who gave our blog a nice award. We got to live to tell the tale and apologize.
The boss is still a little mad too, so speaking for the coop, AND the Boss, we'd like to thank Roxie for naming us...

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Lois Evensen said...

That is so cool. Great award! And, the gang at the back door are lucky the Boss is too busy being happy about the award to be REALLY mad about that you-know-what you-know-where! ;)