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Monday, September 26, 2011

New Roof

The work crew got us scrambling out of bed and into our clothes when they arrived early last Monday. It didn't take them long to set up and get started.While we were at the beach, the materials had been left along the driveway, so we knew they were coming, we just weren't positive exactly when..The roofers got right into the removal of our old, hail beaten roof .
And so the noise began.
Scrape. Bang. Pop! Pop! Pop! The dumpster arrived a bit after the fact, and there already was a huge pile of old shingles where the dumpster should have been. So they left it at the kitchen door! Poor Jock had enough of the noise early on, and so we went for long walks to visit the goats. Before long the plywood was exposed and the new shingles began to go on. It was quite a busy scene, especially with rain in the forecast. It did arrive late and so the crew finally stopped and had lunch and dinner all at once. The next day they were back and the job was completed. However the dumpster stayed around for the whole week, so today when it was removed, it was nice to get my old barn view back.


Linda Myers said...

Sounds like it was a relatively hassle-free experience. That's nice!

Deere Driver said...

Yeah! Still finding a nail or two on the driveway, but that will happen. And the cat's dead mice. They were hiding them under the dumpster!