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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Penn State vs. Indiana State

My Penn State hall mate Linda is a season ticket holder for Penn State football and we have done several of the home openers together, and today the tradition continued.Here we are on Rt 322 approaching Park Avenue to get to the Brown Lot parking.
Once again, we are following Mr. Engineer. We got to the stadium early, so we went to see what was going on in Bryce Jordan Center.
The basketball court was open and lit up.
The game was televised on the Big Ten Network.
Did you see us? The Blue Band did its beautiful pregame show, and then it was game time! Penn State received the opening kick and ran it back for a touchdown. A long day for Indiana State, but a lot of work by our team needed to be ready for Alabama next week.
Thank goodness for the occasional breeze because is was so hot and humid today.Indiana State teams are the Sycamores. Wish I got this this button. And here we are, two of the millions of Penn State Fans who have been a part of a game coached by Joe Paterno in Beaver Stadium.

Go State!


Lois Evensen said...

Yes! I do see you in the crowd - well at least in the last image. :)))

It looks like a great day. I must admit, though, that I just love those bands and sometimes wait eagerly for the first half of the game to be over so I can see the half time show. The university marching bands are just the BEST!

Kittie Howard said...

Felt your enthusiasm! Our godson is a Penn State grad. We attended a game and, wow, what fun! My hub, a real sports guy, is in awe of Coach Paterno, whom he calls 'a coach's coach,' the real deal. Our godson showed us where he lived - a simple house where he's lived forever. He's just amazing!

Deere Driver said...

Yep! Its a really unrecognizable home and a small neighborhood. Tells a lot about the type of person he is and program he runs. He's been more than football over the years. He's more than that to Penn State grads and fans, far and wide.
I don't know who will fill his black shoes when he's gone. He's taught us to respect our opponents because they make us better, so don't boo them. I know someone will have a story about a "bad" fan, but I have read many more from surprised visitors who get an apology from the other grads. Bad fans embarrass us.

Last year we had to be gracious losers - at Homecoming of all things. Some "winners" were being boisterous and trying to rile us up. I remember us telling them, yours was the better team today. They didn't know what to say. So they smiled and left.

Penn State is a wonderful place to learn all sorts of things.