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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Maintenance Crew

The past two mornings we have woken to subfreezing temperatures and heavy frost. Any hope of those last tomatoes ripening is over.
The does were fenced in below the pond yesterday. Now we are taking advantage of any areas with good browse that the goats can "mow" before the tractors have to finish the work. They love it. We love it.  Mowing goes that much faster if the field is thinned out.  
Yesterday the goats were acting more like sheep though.  They spent so much time grazing on the lawn-like-half, that I started calling them lazy sheep.  Sorry sheep people, but I had visions of the tall weedy side being flattened in a day. That will have to come today I guess.

Along the pond bank we have two or three sizes of rose hips. This rounder large rose hip belongs to the pink rose such you see at the beach and has a great scent.
These are from the white wild roses that become more of a weed then an ornament, if left alone. 

The goats trim up the brambles on the hill, but we have to get them up to the pond as we work through the acreage, to get things passable again.  I can barely get through with my tractor to mow without getting caught in the thorns.  Time for the goats to earn their keep.
As you can see, the colors are muting, but the browns and golds still have a little life to them. A blue sky helps too.

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Lois Evensen said...

How pretty. Even when the brilliant colors are gone, it is still so peaceful and pretty.