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Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Cutting

With some dry air and warm sun, I imagine the farms nearby are gearing up for their first cutting of hay.
In our case, with rotational grazing, we just let the goats have at it. 
The machinery alone makes it too costly for us to bale hay as we don't need that much to get through the winter(To compare - one horse needs as much as 15 goats). 
During the Summer and Fall the goats have absolutely no interest in it anyway. 
Why would they when they come in with round bellies every night after getting lost in this.
And get lost they do. 
The kids actually cry to find their mothers because they loose sight of them.  The screeching is pathetic sometimes.
But you have to laugh, because they are RIGHT THERE - in the hay.
Meanwhile, the nanny is so absorbed in her munching, it takes a while to register.
"Whose kids are making that racket? Oh! OOPS!"
Well, at least we are confident no one will starve to death!

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Lois Evensen said...

I have to laugh when I see your post today. My Honey and I were out driving today and saw several places where the grass is getting way too tall. One of them is just a few blocks away from here. Each time we drive by the one closest to our home, I say, "Those people need some goats." And, they do!