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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time To Say Goodbye - Hello 4-H!

Last week-end was weigh in and sign ups for the Westmoreland Fair. A couple weeks before that was the same for the Derry Ag Fair.
John Clark and Elizabeth came to the farm and chose the two brother wethers out of Twee's triplets to go together to their new home, and they will show them in Derry in July.
Kayla came back for a third year and scooped up Britches, and also Anakin, to show at the Westmoreland Fair. Anakin's twin Angus will be shown there by Hattie.
Zola's twins will be shown by Philip. I am cheering for all the people kids and goat kids to do well at showing and at the auctions.

In the past month or so, our herd was up to 25 or 26 goats and kids.  Weaning was a noisy and painful process in April. Today, after seven kids going to 4-H homes, three going to start a new herd for future 4-H kids, and one sold to a chef (Sorry - the truth!), we are down to a most manageable fifteen. Of course, we have two goats waiting to kid yet, so our numbers will go back up as the farm has its first summer babies this year.
And speaking of babies...
We sold Ariel and Abi, who are both due in the next two to six weeks, to a local family who have a lovely farm just north of town. They have two young boys that will have the joy of kids born on their farm, and all the fun of seeing them grow.
Belle, our triplet doe, also went with them, and by next year they will have a nice little herd to breed on their own.
I happened to find my way there today, and here is their home. What a lovely sight for the passers by!

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Lois Evensen said...

Each going his/her own way.... I am sure the children will do well showing their goats again this year. I look forward to seeing that again. I like that barn in the last image, too. I'm sure there is a great deal of interesting history here.