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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is Arctic Cold Warmer Than Frigid?

No news to anyone watching the telly or reading the news - our part of the country is days into an "Arctic Freeze". Well tonight's forecast has a blue thermometer and the word "frigid" next to it. Are we to surmise that means its getting worse? Or have they run out of ways to express the cold we are suffering through.

I will tell you that the goats have had mostly indoor recess, with a short outdoor stint where they spend most of their time standing together in the shed, watching my kitchen door.  I can hear them cursing my name! When the sun is out I want them to get a little fresh air and solar heat, even if that is tough to feel when the wind kicks back up.  Yesterday I even went into the shed with them to show it really wasn't that bad out there. I was met with blank stares.

Little Brianna followed and waited for something exciting to happen like heat blowers to start up. Kids! They are so eager and gullible.

I had my camera in my pocket. That's where it was when I tromped back into the house. Taking off my gloves for anything is quick and painful. My rubber boots feel like rocks on my feet as I walk over the frozen ground.

Normally this would be kidding season here, and I am sure it is on other farms. I'm betting the electric bills are going to be high to keep everyone warm for those that survive being born during this freeze. As it is, I have cracked skin. Imagine kidding and maybe milking to get the slow starters going.

God bless the farmers working out there this month!

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