“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cabin Fever Festival, Windsor, CT/ Ice Festival, Ligonier, PA

We have four town facilities that we use for going for walks and hikes with Jock. Northwest Park is the largest, and has umpteen choices of lengths and variety. Basically, you could switch and join and combine and walk all day if you wanted to. Its mostly woods and field type trial, some going by a reservoir and some by barns and soccer fields. Depending on the weather and time, you can be in mostly shade or predominantly sun.

These days, I prefer as much solar help as possible. I don't recall the last time above freezing. Poor Jock's feet are either not as tough as they used to be, or the cold is just taking its toll. We tend to choose our destination by temperature this past month. Some days we get to the park, only to turn around minutes later because Jock begins to limp on three legs, trying to hold up one foot, then another. Its also hard to tell if its just the cold, or the product being used on the roads to melt the ice. Either way, we haven't taken too many walks past a half hour in the past month. We've tried greasing his feet with salve before we head out, but its hard to know how effective that is. Its actually too bad we didn't attend the Cabin Fever Festival yesterday as one of the features was a show with huskies from the Connecticut Valley Siberian Husky Club. Maybe they could have given us some advice.
Left over today was this ice sculpture that I imagine will be there for a while with our weather staying frigid for the rest of this week.

It was a fun reminder of the week-end Ice Festival back in Ligonier, PA, also this week-end. 

If you are passing Ligonier in the next week, I bet you can enjoy the many sculptures there - and maybe a hot drink too!


Anonymous said...

I read about Jocks feet - Have you tried booties - the kind they make for racing huskies?

Deere Driver said...

Hi Anon!

We did not try booties as we had an unsuccessful go at them when Jock had an injury on a foot. He spent the whole time trying to get it off and not helping the injury at all. Duct tape was added too! He hates any kind of clothing as he generally loves the cold weather. He looks so embarrassed if you try to dress him. I can barely get a bandana on his neck without him slumping his shoulders!

A friend who has one of my retired goats recommended Mushers Wax and I'm going to try and find that locally today. I also saw a recipe and its an easy one, so I may go that route if all else fails.

Thanks for the suggestion, and with more single digits on its way, I may look into the boots some more. I see some research coming my way.

Kittie Howard said...

I hope those boots work out as Jock loves the cold (like a dog my mother had). You've really been hit with some rough weather. It's been rougher for us this year than last year, but VA has become more efficient keeping the roads cleared, a big help. Stay warm!