“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Monday, January 20, 2014

Really - Alright

Phew! We're back online!
I have all sorts of blogs in my head and photos taken, but then I couldn't open Blogger. I think it started a month ago with a fix for one problem, that caused another issue, and next thing you know, I'm getting messages from my computer that I have to go online to decipher. Well, I'm back - at least for now.

I always like to start January with some seed starting, and so I had to go and hunt for my supplies in the yet to be organized basement. I started a few seeds with dreams of the coming spring and my newest garden.
This is a memento of  my herd. Weird maybe, but so be it. 
I thought it a neat image in the snow.
When the polar vortex come through, even the dog wanted to stay in and quilt. We have a few projects underway and I'll have to download those photos from another camera to show you.

So lets hope I can get on a roll and catch up with you.
Happy New Year - a bit late!


Kittie Howard said...

And Happy New Year to you and yours. (I sometimes think Blogger (Google) is cruel and unusual punishment, LOL.)

Deere Driver said...

And already new problems arise. All sorts of advertising trash/spam! OY!

Kittie Howard said...

Thanks for stopping by. Great seeing you on the screen. About Google - I'm at wit's end, trying to discover how Formatting Options disappeared. Yipes!

Yes, there's still a toll to get onto Jekyll Island. The state spend about $50 million a few years ago upgrading facilities. However, it seems like the legislature is going to open up about 100 acres to development, mostly along the beaches. So far, conservations are okay with this . . . knowing Southern politics like I do, I'm a bit queasy about it . . . once a door opens, lots of fools usually rush in. I'd hate to see JI go the route of St. Simons. On another front, we'd planned to stay a night at Savannah but left -- the Historic District is a mess -- broken beer/wine bottles on sidewalks, litter everywhere and so on -- We ended up in Charleston . . . the Historic District is pristine but was very disappointed at haw far South Carolina had slipped in general. Traveling state/county roads was more like passing through a never-ending slum in the making, horrible, absolutely horrible. If SC were a country, it would be a failed state. (Sales tax in Beaufort County is 13.5%, effectively adding to the obvious poverty in both races -- with officials thinking of raising it to 14%.)