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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Smoke Gets in my Eyes (Teeth, Hair, Clothes, Lungs)

I got wind that the Boro, of all seemingly progressive places, is considering allowing Outdoor Burners/wood boilers. I can't believe any resident, business owner or parent would approve such a development in a dense area such as Ligonier Borough. At least not with a few simple facts. Consider also that this affects the surrounding Township, and especially affects the schools located nearby. The health degradation from fine particulates is worse for young developing children, but it isn't good for any of us.
For those of you around the Diamond that can relate to truck traffic, a 2006 report from the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, a nonprofit association of Northeast air quality agencies, said one boiler can emit as much fine particulate matter as four diesel trucks. It also said it would take 205 oil furnaces or up to 8,000 gas furnaces to produce as much pollution as one wood boiler.
I already hear the cry of economics and understand that some individuals will benefit, but at the health care, real estate and quality of life costs of everyone else.
Start at this page which is a website for wood burners, by enthusiasts. Therefore I think an unbiased forum.

Then continue to the other sites and make your decision.

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