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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spotted goats

At the Westmoreland Fair there was a particular goat that I would have liked. Unfortunately it was a wether (castrated male), so aside from looks, it was of no use to me. Well, OK, they can all eat weeds.

My daughter sent me an outstanding photo from the Duchess County (NY) Fair last year and got me started on these goats. This week-end she sent a couple more photos and the artsy goat breeder in me is back. One of these days, if I stay in this goat business long enough, I will get one of these females to breed to a Boer buck and try for my own spotted goat.

Someone told me of a sale in Indiana where I can find spotted meat goats, but I want to be able to pick up this goat myself, not ship it on a plane.

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