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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barn Cats

Our new three month old kitten - yet to be named. Yin Yang comes to mind because her markings are flip-flopped on her face, shoulders and legs.

This is her Mom who was found on Monday or Tuesday at my vet. They took her in, spayed her and gave her all her shots. Then her kitten was found the next day by a client. I had just called back about some other kittens for the barn, and they told me about these two. I wanted two females and these, they thought, were a family. I called back and said OK, sight unseen. I was pleasantly surprised that they both are so sweet and seem happy in the barn. The vet also gave me a wormer pill for both and they gobbled that up with canned food in a flash.

I hope these gals don't think canned food is the norm. I just want them to like the barn and then enjoy chasing mice for moist food. Mom was already around the wood pile and they both have cased out the hay. I decided the upper barn was the only way to keep the chickens away from their food and I do hear the mice above the potting shed room. The mice have already stashed some seeds in some old work gloves. Hopefully these gals will put an end to that. We kept the dog away from the upper barn so that they can find all the good hiding places and eat and drink and get cozy without looking over their shoulder.

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