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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Layla Joins the Herd

Since last Sunday, we have been trying to get everyone(goat wise) to get to know each other very slowly. We let Layla in the main part of the barn a couple times a day or more to sniff around when everyone was out. The first day she was limping with no apparent injury. I was hoping it was just a pulled muscle from the ride standing all the way from Maryland. Then we let her look around when everyone was in their stalls without actually making contact. We are concerned about her getting butted in the belly as she is due in possibly seven or eight weeks. Also she has horns and we weren't sure how those would be used on her part.

Vinegar (front) has been bawling with Layla around. She doesn't like the competition.
Wednesday night we let the two yearlings out with her in the barn for just a couple minutes and that went well. Yesterday Dave was home so we decided to set up a small area outside the barn for Smiles to browse. She didn't eat a thing but seemed to be OK and so we finally went to do other things around the place.

Zola has been keeping the newcomer in check
Within a half hour, just as we had someone arrive here, we saw her trotting across the field to the other goats. I know she saw them from her field and I guess she couldn't wait for our slow process. She followed me along the fence to get in with them and she has been there since.

Hanging out...making friends.
Dave supervised the socialization, and she has already worked her way up to number two in the pecking order.
Zola, hackles up, working in a little butting.

Only Zola is bigger and tougher, but does not seem to be too tough on her. Its mainly head butting, and from what I saw, not the worst.
Layla is the one looking the other direction while everyone else is munching away.

She is not a big browser/grazer yet. She doesn't seem to know that she has to work for her lunch!! I think when the hay disappears from the stall, she will figure it out. She will have her own stall a while longer until we feel she is adjusted to our place and system. That might be one more day as there haven't been any problems today.
Layla is off to the side of the gang. I think this is our Fall color peak starting.

But for three nights and two mornings, she followed the girls to and from the barn, no fences anywhere. Its official...she has joined the herd.

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