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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lil Smiles/Layla

September 5, 2008 in Maryland

Lil Smiles arrived on Sunday after a long ride, mostly on her feet, from Maryland. She is bred and due either the end of November or the second week of December.
As usual I went to the African baby name sites and tried to translate Lil Smiles. What I came up with was Layla that means 'dark beauty" which I think fits her dark face. It rolls of my tongue better and who doesn't like the Eric Clapton song.
This site tells a bit about the story that Layla was based on, so I learned something.
October 6 in her nest in the barn.
I have been trying to get her comfortable in the barn and with us by opening her stall and letting her sniff around as I clean the other stalls. The chickens took her by surprise, especially when Oprah wandered into her stall to scratch for food. She has gotten over the dog and he has become bored with her after the first minute of curiosity. She has calmed down a lot and when she gets nervous, finds security by trotting back to her stall and standing in her favorite corner.
We were concerned yesterday when she was limping and holding her left front foot up. I took a look at her hoof and felt along her leg but could see nothing and got no reaction. I am hoping it is an injury from the ride and is simple as a pulled muscle. Today it is better but still being favored.
The last concern is that she has not been eating much, but I hope that is a result of a traumatic couple of days and leaving 30 of her best friends back in Maryland.

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