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Monday, March 2, 2009

Doing Shots

So far the worst part of having a herd of goats is the shots. I have to get myself all psyched up to do them. I think its because the very first one that I gave Uno, she got a huge knot from my nicking her muscle. It lasted for months. She lost her hair there. It was a mess, but now you can't tell it happened. Luckily for the goats, my technique has improved!!
I have learned sub-Q (subcutaneous - under the skin) or intramuscular when conversing with the vet. I also have straightened out in my head the gages of needles - the bigger the number the thinner the needle. Had that backwards for one purchase.
All of them get a CD&T vaccine (Clostridium Perfringes C&D Bactern-Toxoid with the Tetanus- Toxoid) every year, The babies get the vaccine at four to six weeks depending on if the mom got one a month before kidding. Then they get a booster three weeks later.
As of this weekend, the twins are up to date.
In about another month, I will have to give the pregnant girls a shot so that their kids will have the antibodies for the first few weeks until we give them their set of injections.
I get some of my information from the site below, and they do not vaccinate their goats. There is a lot of reference material as to why to vaccinate or not, in case you are interested.

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