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Friday, March 27, 2009

Gray Spring Day

Even with a gray sky and brown grass, the farm looks beautiful to me. With the occasional steady rain the past couple of days, I found the inclination to get some more seeds going.
These are some of the pepper, eggplant and tomatoes that I got started above the wood stove heat about a month ago. Now they are under the under-cupboard kitchen counter lights. There are a few more seedlings upstairs in the cooler bedroom, along with artichokes. Those are probably more trouble then they are worth, but I want to give it another try and get them in the hoop house sooner this time.
I finally got my Burpee order in, although I took a chance and got two orders of raspberries that will ship later. My mom has been bugging me to get some other varieties so I did - Fallgold and Heritage. This time I had better choose their placement more wisely. The last raspberries were encroached on by gardens, fences, and then passing goats.
I wanted to try a couple different peppers and tomatoes. I had some almost seedless yellow tomatoes last year that were very tasty and great for slicing, so I am trying the new seedless hybrid. I also wanted to get the little currant sized HoneyBunch tomatoes last year and they ran out of seeds. The supply lasted for me this year, so lets see if they are as good as they say. I hope this isn't a late start. I had half this order together a month ago, but I knew we would be away when I was warming the seed trays, so I started some store bought and leftover seeds that I liked on those days I needed some dirt on my hands.
I tries those little "inflatable" pots that you add water too, but apart from being fun to watch for the first five minutes, I'm not too impressed. The germination has not seemed particularly good either.
At least the chives are coming in strong and fast. I'd better start using them in some crepes or soup. It'll be nice to be able to step out the kitchen door and snip some bits of fresh green for dinner.

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