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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Frost? Lets Bake!

Today Fall really showed her face. The weather has been wet, but today the damp and coolness started to penetrate the house and my bones. Its really time for soup and baking.
So in an effort to keep the house cozy and warm, I baked a double batch of the Amish Friendship or Friendly Bread. I have directions with both names and two somewhat different ingredient lists.My second batch had a bit of an eruption and blew up onto the muffins. I wasn't sure how to deal with the two different timed bakings, but it all worked out fine. And the explosion was very tasty!
Tonight as we were bringing the animals in, my neighbor told me that there was a frost warning. It took me by surprise, as I have been watching the temperatures and the weather reports. The full moon is in four days, and I was looking for frost warnings, but I guess I missed it. As we looked at the evening sky, that halo that signals bad weather was ringing the moon.
The only saving grace may be those clouds, but the wind is supposed to blow them away by morning. I do hope it holds off. I picked my peppers, but I would like to have the tomatoes last a little longer.

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