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Monday, September 28, 2009

White Dove or Homing Pigeon

This afternoon, I happened to glance out of the window at just the right moment to see a flutter of white. Pure white.I looked again, and there was a large, white bird on the corner of the barn roof. After taking a couple of pictures I went back to what I was doing, expecting the bird to fly off sooner than later. I have to admit that at the moment I saw the bird, I had some frustrations on my mind. The sight of the white dove came as a "sign", and I yelled "Peace!" and laughed out loud.
Three or so hours later, when it was time to get the goats in, I saw a white flutter again and we found the bird on the roof of the small goat shed in the "high security" area. I got a little chicken feed and tossed it in front of the bird, as by then it was on the ground next to the shed.
As we tried to take a closer look and give it some food, it scurried inside the shed. I think it was probably a bird released in a ceremony, or an escaped bird from a magic act. Does the band make it a homing pigeon? If so, I guess it is just resting on its way somewhere. It was a nice surprise for all of us, goats included. A few of them spent a little time looking at the dove through the fence.
If its there tomorrow, I hope it stays out of the way of those darned barn cats. If it does stick around, I'll have to learn some magic tricks.


Deere Driver said...

Update: No bird and no feathers. I guess we were just a bed for the night.

dotsie said...

great story!!!

dotsie said...

great story! Peace!