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Friday, May 14, 2010

Red, White and ...Purple?

The hummingbirds are here, and on the poppies.
I love this wildflower columbine.
The candy tuft is a fairly fast spreading flower, that has a nice green foliage the rest of the year. Red, white and purple for the prom! My neighbor getting ready to go.
This pansy is back a third season.
The perennial of the year - Blue False Indigo-Baptisia australis .
Looks like I will get lots of pods this year. After five years, this plant has really matured.
I have seeds to collect for my fellow gardeners from this blue and white columbine.
It is really hard to find blue flowers that aren't really a purple. We tried for a January wedding with a blue and white Penn State theme. It was tough.


Lois Evensen said...

What gorgeous flowers! And, a very good looking couple on the way to the Prom. I love traditional prom dresses and this one is a winner.


Deere Driver said...

Lois -
I had to throw that in when I realized how well it fit the title. They really "Promenade" here too. First in town and then at the high school on stage and through the gym for all to see. THEN they dance and stay up all night.

Quite different from my daughter's high school.

Been enjoying your blog.

Feral Female said...

What beautiful flowers!

Anonymous said...

Columbine--one of my favorite blossoms. Love it finding up in the mountains of New Mexico. I do like your photo of the prom. Brings back of memories of my daughter's prom. You have that picture of the sunlight spotlighting the farm. Good! Really good! --Jack at Sage to Meadow Blg.

Deere Driver said...

Thanks for commenting on the farm photo. I have the wide, landscape version as my screen on the computer, and as a large print. Love the texture, color, intensity - if I do say so!

I used to have these pink and purple columbines in washed out hues, and never was much for them. Then I was given a blue one and the wildflower version, and I must say my opinion is changed. I make sure their seeds get spread further every year.

Have yet to get to New Mexico...

Jason said...

wow, your farm looks beautiful!