“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Monday, May 17, 2010

Working Weather

This blog is not a reflection of today, but a response to it.
It was one, wet day out there, so I was forced indoors, and found time to load some pictures. The days have been long, when the weather is good, so blogging is far down on the list. I hate to not share at every opportunity, but I find some nights the pillow does call sooner than others.
Today, the animals barely got out of their sheds to check out the new bits of pasture they were given, and if they had a computer, they'd be blogging about wanting to be in the warm, dry barn. Well, sorry! I didn't know it was going to be a torrent!This week-end was one of those perfect ones to get work done outdoors, and what was I doing? In addition to getting some more of the garden planted, I was mowing the fence line, and cutting the paths across the field.
I like doing it actually.

I like riding the tractor, and once I get started, its sometimes hard to get off.

Mowing is not a lonely task.

I have a herding dog to make sure the tractor stays on task, and close to the fence. Once in a while, I do manage to look up, and have to stop to admire the view. If I am lucky enough, my camera is in my pocket, and I can share the moment. Right now, the foliage is coming in with every texture, hue, and shade.After a lovely, working week-end like this, we're all dog tired.


Lois Evensen said...

Great pictures once again. I love seeing your dog herding you on the the tractor.

I agree about the beautiful shades of green in the Spring. I hope you get sunny skies today.


Feral Female said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your barn. Don't see many like it down here. Is it two stories? Seems to look like it.

Congrats on the greening out up there.

Deere Driver said...

You gave me a blog topic. My Pennsylvania bank barn. I'll try and give you a tour, up and down, one day.

-- Carla -- said...

That's a Border Collie thing, chasing everything that moves :-)

-- Carla -- said...

That's a Border Collie for you, chasing everything that moves :-)

Kittie Howard said...

Jack's a hoot. Makes me wish I had a dog. Love your pics. (Wish I had your energy.) My hub was up in Gettysburg last weekend for a conference. Stayed with friends in Shippensburg at the last minute. They stayed up till 12:30 solving the world's problems. To think, I almost went.

Deere Driver said...

Kittie - He was just a few turnpike exits away. Ya shoulda' come over!