“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Fence training started today as anticipated, although the weather is not as lovely as we all had dreamed of. But warmer it was, just with a bit of the wind and clouds to keep us humble - and dreaming. The last of the Christmas trees provided browse, and a place to put the hay to keep it from blowing away. Play time was lots of fun outside - except for those fences.
Soon the kids were staying nearer to Mom, and maybe getting it.Starting with the littlest ones, the activity and the electric shocks tired them all out. Nothing like your sister to make it all go away.

After taking a break for lunch, I came back out to check on things. I looked everywhere and one of the four day old twins was gone.
Her sister was fast asleep on the box.
Could she be under it? Since the fence was on, I first walked the perimeter of the area and couldn't find her anywhere. Could she crawl under the pallet?
Now I was looking to see if a large bird was devouring her on the hill.
Saba was starting to panic too as she realized she only had one baby.I finally ran into the barn, flipped the fence switch, and jumped in with the goats.
That's when I finally got the right angle of the tree. She had found a place out of the wind to get cozy and was not happy with my tugging her out. However, Saba and I were quite relieved.

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Linda Myers said...

These videos are so cool! Your farm would be a great place to visit. Suburban dwellers are missing out on a bunch, I think.