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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saba Has Twin Does

The baby monitor went on the fritz at about 6:00AM, but I knew Saba was going to kid today. Yesterday her udder really started to pop and I had her in all day just in case. The sun had been out but the wind was nasty. This morning the wind had picked up and the snow was back. The barometric change probably was everything to do with my waking with an unusually pressure filled head and headache. Dave went out to the barn and Saba was down with a bubble already out.
By 8AM we had our first little doe. By 8:10 we had our first visitors admiring her.
We got everyone settled into a clean stall and brought offerings of grain (greeted favorably) and molasses water (Nah!) and were ready to get breakfast when Julia noted a new, small bubble. Ten more minutes passed before Saba lay down and had Doe #2 at 9:30AM. Finally, we determined that she was really done and left them to rest and work on nursing together. Just after taking the video below, Doe One had taken her first milk. Saba was still cleaning her second kid as we left.
She's a good mom.


Linda Myers said...

Thanks for the video!

The Wohlleb Family said...

Shes such a great mom! Congrats on the additions!