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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alex Is Sold

We kept Alex last year to be a buck for the does that were related to our Registered Full blood buck Neo. 
Zola had big twin boys and it was pretty much a coin toss of which to keep.  Alex was the lucky guy. Alex bred Neo's sister and we are waiting to see if any of the yearling does are bred.
But as Alex was getting to be a year old and more mature, he was also starting to become a bit more full of himself. 
After a few pushes from behind and having to watch my back after that, I decided we were going back to one buck.  Alex had served us well, but I put the word out that he was for sale. Isn't he handsome?
We are all going to miss his adorable girly curls on his head and his crazy voice. 
Just wanted you all to see those curls one last time.   
Bye Crazy Boy!

1 comment:

Dawn said...

He certainly is a handsome boy. I like the little "soul patch" he's sportin'! Got a friend who's thinking about raising Boers for 4-H kids! Goats! Gotta love goats!