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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow, Blue Skies and Bottle Babies

Beatrix has become quite a screamer, especially for the afternoon bottle.
She'd be through this fence if it weren't for the electricity.
As soon as I(or anyone) step though the gate, she is butting my legs to get between them to line up for her bottle.
We use this larger black nipple and I try to put one with less of an opening on hers to slow her down just a bit, but as you will see in the VIDEO, she really goes to work.
I have to really hang on because she gets impatient if the milk doesn't flow fast enough, and tries to butt it like she would the udder to let down the milk.
 Claire is home for Spring Break, and came over for some goat duty.
4-H started this month and Julia is getting ready with some early goat work too. She also helped with the kid weigh in Sunday.  There IS math in goat herding!
Our other bottle baby Becka is still supplementing her bottle by stealing from Trinity, and is here in the middle of her foster brothers Pip and Squeak.
This is the pile on at night. Becks is in the corner, almost out of sight. Trinity has no hope of getting rid of her.
The newest little guy, Britches(middle right), joined the herd this week-end after a short two days of fence training, and tried to be a tough guy from moment one. He isn't a shy one, and at three and a half weeks on Sunday, already weighed in at 19 pounds.
 Back to dry fields and blue skies for a week-end.

 After all that prancing and running all over the field, Britches is one tired little kid.
Adeline and the rest of the herd might not be the youngest, adorable goats on the farm, but they still get some love from Julia.


Dawn said...

I love Britches!

Deere Driver said...

We ALL love Britches! Great name thanks too you!

Deere Driver said...

I was corrected a long time ago, but that last picture is Ariel getting and giving kisses.