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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun and Work

If there was a trophy for goats with personality, I think we all agree at our farm, that Adeline would be a winner. She is always first at the stall door demanding to get out and get the day started. No lingering in the background for her.
Julia has her entered in the Westmoreland Fair again this year, and we hope they can do well again. 
Trixie had been an entry all along, since the day she was born, and was a very big girl until she had a bout of pneumonia about two months ago. We almost lost her, and to save her, started bottle feeding her again. Lucky for us, we have 4-H friends who traded us goat milk so that we could nurse her to health. Of course, now we will have to wean her again, but it was worth the effort. She is not as robust as she was, but passed her fitness vet check and will show at the fair.
Each morning, when she can, Julia helps get the goats out, fed and watered, and helps with any special tasks, like shots, where another pair of hands is helpful.
To get the three goats she is taking ready, she has tried washing off those dirty knees and grooms them at night. With her mother and brother helping she gave all three a major bath yesterday while we had a nice warm day to dry them up. No need to have them catch a cold now.
 There's a lot of fun in all this work.
Today I even LET Julia dump the manure!
Its a bit of a walk up the hill, but I remind her of what a good work out she's getting to keep her in shape for running (yes - she runs races with her dad).
 Jock helps of course!
 Can you see? She's still smiling!
So tomorrow the animals go to the Westmoreland Fair, and a busy nine days begins.
Good Luck Julia, Adeline, Ali and Trixie!

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Kittie Howard said...

The kids are looking good. I think they'll reward everyone with blues at the fair. Although I chuckled at hauling the manure away, truth is, the chores I did as a kid are what led to me being so active today.

Love how Jock helps out! :)

If you can get a copy of today's Washington Post, there's a front page article, "Within parties, partisan divides are deeper, wider," that's extensive, well-written, and says much about stuff.