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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Westmoreland Fair Without Animals

Okay! We start with a chicken quilt. So animals are inspiration for crafts.
Julia's Blue Ribbon Pina Colada Bread
But there is so much to the fair aside from the animals, unless, of course, you figure where these ingredients came from.
  The 4-H Court of Honor.
Preserved goods,...
And the raw materials below.

 Best of Show Handcraft.
 Recycled crafts
 Wool being spun and woven.
 Is this a swan or a serpent?
Bear Paw Quilt
This really was supposed to be about everything but animals, since there is so much to see at the fair, but it seems that the pictures I chose led me otherwise.
Well a few more animals to come as I catch up on the Westmoreland Fair next time.

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Jen Chandler said...

I wandered over from Kittie Howard's blog and have very much enjoyed reading about the Fair and looking at all the wonderful pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Nice to "meet" you!