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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Just a  quick hello from me and residents at On the Pond Farm.  Since half the country was affected by Hurricane Sandy, I am thinking about many friends in its path and worry about their lives and homes.

Sandy has passed here for the most part, and we are safe and well. Around us there is severe flooding, but we are located high enough not to suffer any water in the wrong places (although the goats have something to say about that).
Dave in full rain gear and unhappy goats in their sheds.
The goats were very happy to have a barn with hay offerings the past couple of days, as the outdoors was so wet, sleety and snowy. The springs that feed our barn and garden were MORE than flowing. One spring became quite a river along one fence line and cause the goats to have to go over or through the raging water - choices they absolutely hate. Time outside was shorter than usual and indoor recess was prescribed as the precipitation just got heavier and whiter. There were rumblings in the barn of taking the first truck to Arizona if this kept up. A few handfuls of corn treats calmed the mutiny.

Wrong door.
But its dry here!

The silly chickens kept sneaking out of the barn, and then couldn't sneak in. They spent time pecking under the bushes and firs(and the porch), but when it was time to sneak back into the barn, their feathers were too saturated to fly up onto the half barn door and get back in. We had to get them in early too, before they started suffering some sort of chicken affliction. Do chickens get colds? A little shaking and feather fluffing, much like a dog, and they all seemed back to normal.

Jock's only complaint was the severe lightning at one point, and that he didn't get out enough. The cold weather is his style, no matter that its wet. He loves diving in the raging stream that the goats hate. He tackles clumps of dirt and whips them around, and is an absolute happy mess! Rolling in the first sleet of the year was another bonus.

And what was I doing while all this was going on, aside from filling up water jugs and lining up candles. Where are more storm pictures? I was doing my colonoscopy prep(Yeah! Too much information, but...!), praying it wasn't for naught if the hospital lost power!! What timing! Then the worry was, could we get to the hospital because of the flooding. We were down to one entry/exit and we made it safely. Procedure done. All is well!

Thinking of all of you and hope you are well and safe, although I'm sure some were not so lucky. I know we all hope power and help is on the way.


Lois Evensen said...

Glad to know you are all well through and after the storm. We have outer bands here, but nothing at all compared to what the East Coast suffered.

Linda Myers said...

I felt cold and wet just reading this post.