“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Red Fox Sighting (Its Been A While)

The dog and cats and I had just come down from a nice walk, after checking on the goats by the pond.
I had my camera in hand looking for more fall loveliness, when I thought I saw a neighbor's cat on the newly mowed hill.
The gang followed me back for a better look, as I saw a bit of red, and we don't know any red cats.
Yes. Of course. It was a fox.
It watched us as we got closer, and Jock couldn't see over the remaining tall hay to think about giving chase. I said "fox", and he knows the word, and his ears went up. He scanned the hill, but the fox started to move before we got much further.
Here is the clip of him going back up the hill toward the woods.
And you are thinking I am mean to want Jock to give chase. Not true. I am protecting my hens. I don't think the fox would bother the goats unless it was kidding season. I just want the fox to stay on his half of the farm, and let me have my half.


Lois Evensen said...

It looks as if Foxy got your message.

We have feral cats in the neighborhood that spend quite a bit of time in our yard where they are not welcome. They can carry fleas, disease, and are not friendly so will scratch and bite if cornered. Our dogs know exactly what we mean when we say, "Get the cat!" The cats leave quickly when the dogs come out the door.

Deere Driver said...

We have had stray cat issues off and on too. They look for food in the barn and also pick fights with the barn cats. We keep everything in tubs, but I wonder about the eggs sometimes!!! We have the rodents in pretty good check with our two hunters,so even those pickins are slim for another cat unless they hit the fields like mine do.

As you point out, you can never be too careful with an animal you don't know. We do our best to discourage the feral and the wild from coming too close.