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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goat News in the Wall Street Journal

Yesterday the best piece of mail was right on top and I didn't even have to open it. The return address from my Princeton friend, a Ligonier native and Carnegie Mellon grad, had me smiling all the way to the house.

Inside was a real surprise. Goat news on PAGE ONE of the Wall Street Journal. Who woulda thunk?

"A Lehman-financed venture owes a company called Goats R Us about $53,000. The goats performed fire-prevention by munching shrubs and grass on a property the venture owns in Oakland, Calif."

The main point of the article is not good news for the Goats R Us people, but the story is informative and has some cute bits mixed in. It gives the goats personality, which of course, we goat owners already know about.

"Big land owners use goats for fire control because they are dependable and hard-working. They clear brush and poison oak, which two-legged landscapers try to avoid. The goats also are often preferable to herbicides, especially in residential areas, such as Oak Knoll.
"They were doing a good job at vegetation management,'' says Al Auletta, who was overseeing the project for the Oakland Redevelopment Agency. "The goats were pretty effective at that.""

If you want to read the whole article click below. Its pretty good.
Far Away From Wall Street, a Herd Gets Gored

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