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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wood Splitting

Weekends are the time for jobs that require two heads or four hands. So we usually put our wish list, or our needs list, together as the week-end approaches. Today was going to be: Cut more downed wood. We brought down a truck load last week. You can see that it was split and is now drying. We'll need to start using it when we get down to our last quarter cord sometime next month.
Well, the weather became a factor about as soon as the goats went out. That was the last time we saw the sun, as the clouds and snow blew in with the nasty wind that was freezing our ears on the dog's walk. Its been blowing and snowing all day.

So Mr. Labor split a few logs that have been drying since last summer.

In case you need to learn the passed down technique, here it is.

Tap in the wedge. Line up the splitting maul. Swing.

One more time.

If you really need to learn, here is a good page to get you started.


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