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Monday, April 20, 2009

Its Almost Over

Just a pretty hello on a windy, back to winter kind of day. I think I cursed us by writing the word summer yesterday, so I found this picture from just a couple of days ago. Remember the sun? I've been generally absent from the blog and reading and quilting, for what little I do in that category. I've been doing my volunteer stuff that I can't do half way and then found out I've done too much. Can you believe it? I though I'd read all those instructions, printed all the forms, gotten my ducks in a row.

Its a grant for the trail project in Ligonier and its going to be a great thing if we get the money for the feasibility study. I hate to even type that word anymore!! The due date is Wednesday and I've done more than enough. Just waiting for maps from another person who is helping out and is having trouble with his part.
So we are waiting for kids. The due dates start TOMORROW! Zola and Uno are lumbering around looking quite uncomfortable.
I have a name for a buck if he gives me a hard time. Grant. Not like Ulysses. Like what I've been working on for a month, year, whatever. I emailed my blogging bud and proofreader Diane about the name and then mentioned - and then Grant gets castrated.
I got the old ROFL (Mom- and others- that means Rolling On the Floor Laughing) back in an email. My answer was that she gets to hold him!

Snickers wrestling Mia. They are always at it.

Feeling a bit cranky are we???

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