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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sentry Post

Jock, my constant companion, goose, fox and deer chaser, and early warning system.
Jock was almost two years old when we adopted him. He had had a couple homes before ours and had always been an outdoor dog. From what we know, he was trained to herd, but seems he didn't make the grade for competing. He also was with a large group of Border Collies at his last home and got picked on by everyone, and finally fought back and injured the breeding stud. That was that. He was sequestered to his own lonely spot. We took a lot of chances taking him in to our house, as he was not house trained, but that he learned fairly well, even at his age.
We did a lot of leash training and house training, one room at a time. I don't know how long we had Jock before he knew we had more than two rooms, and then - lo and behold- an upstairs. Those steps were a challenge coming down at first, because he tried them sooo fast!
Then finally trying to let him run outside was a wonder to see, but another challenge. He was so fast, and even with a shock collar, he could be out of range before you knew it. With the leash, we trained him to where the boundaries are, and for the most part he knows it well. Its a matter of reminding him once in a while. When I go to get the mail, he has to remain at the fence line of the main yard, so he usually waits by the flag.

Snickers has now been trained by Jock to wait by the flag for me too.
No flat kitties on the road with Jock in charge.
Its a sight to see, and all done with Snickers' need to be like Jock.
And him not necessarily to crazy about that!

Its hard to say if Snickers got the message, but no harm done!!

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