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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Udderly Ready

The Three Kidkateers leading the herd
The December twins, Neo and Trini, and Snickers, really think they are related

I admit to some disappointment that we didn't get Earth Day kids.
We have two goats with due dates on either side of April 22 and they look so ripe. But nature and babies have their own schedule.
Last night I checked in on the goats before I went to bed and Zola looked done in. She has been so slow walking back and forth to the field, for about two weeks.

Her udder looks enormous now, especially in the past few days. She had trouble last time around when she had Uno. Her udder and teats became hot and hard so that she didn't want anyone touching her, including her kid.
Now they are both waiting to kid, with Uno due May 1st.

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