“A day in the country is worth a month in town”Christina Rossetti

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Blind

We are On the Pond Farm because - we're on a pond! It has been a month since you've seen the pond, because its been a month since I've seen the pond. Okay - you can look at past photos and so can I, but... ...the sun was out, and Jock and I needed the walk.
We REALLY needed a walk, and it was time. Snickers was in too. We climbed over the mounds from the storms, and made it onto perfect snow. Now it looks like Family Circus. Me, slowly straight up... ...Jock - happily all over the place. Finally - On the Pond.



Linda Granholm Myers said...

How I envy your snow! We get rain here, and gray skies. One of my post-retirement goals is to live for a winter somewhere it snows.

-- Carla -- said...

Looks like Jock and Snickers are enjoying the walk in the snow. Lots of snow. Lets hope that it doesn't change into lots of water. Any news about the flood?

Deere Driver said...

Linda - Around here they are DONE with the snow. I'd say enjoy a New England winter. There they relish every snow storm and get more of them. Even if you don't ski, hang in a ski town and follow the crowd!! I love Woodstock, NH in the White Mountains anytime of year. And my old hometown of Canton, Connecticut was fun.
And yes Carla - talk of flooding is back. So far the cold nights have slowed the process which is good. But its past noon and the drip drip drip is speeding up.