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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Color Is My Dining Room?

Maybe the same color that is on my pants.Looks familiar too.


Kathy said...

Snicker snicker.... I am chortling because I have special clothing I wear when I am painting the house because I do the same thing!

Kittie Howard said...

And it's a very nice color! I need some of your energy!!

Deere Driver said...

I added the label "tennis elbow", but did not complete the story.

Working side by side with Hubbs, doing the painting, I was attacked by the paint roller. So was the floor, wall, and a lovely piece of furniture. Apparently the old tennis elbow kicked in and he lost his grip. Yelping and shrieking ensued until we assessed the damage. I got the least of it, although my arm and hand were yellow too. The furniture damage was not discovered until much later, but I got it cleaned up.

Amazing how paint can fly in many directions at once!